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San Antonio Secret

When Sierra Bradford’s best friend and goddaughter are abducted, she vows to find them at any cost. Sierra—shot at the scene of their kidnapping—checks in to a motel to treat her wounds. It’s there that she encounters former Green Beret Rafe Vargas, who’s come to her aid…and not for the first time. As his best friend’s sister, Sierra is off-limits…. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!


Her Soldier of Fortune by Michelle Major

He only knows that he is honor-bound to protect her. He owes her brother that much. And ever since Nate Fortune found out he is related to the world-renowned Texas family, he’s braced for the unexpected. But nothing could have prepared the former navy SEAL for the reappearance of Bianca Shaw. The shy teenager Nate used to know as “Busy Bee” has blossomed into a beautiful young woman—and she’s just arrived at his Paseo ranch with a suitcase and her four-year-old son in tow…. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!


Deceived by Sylvia McDaniel

Escaping her matchmaking mother, Caroline Mckenzie becomes the bumbling female bounty hunter. Luck protects her from her inept self, until she meets Trent Holmes. Then all bets are off. Using his past experiences riding with a gang, Trent Holmes is writing dime novels, trying to stay alive. Until Caroline attempts to arrest him for the crimes he’s hoping to escape. With secrets between them, can two misfits come together and find their path before their pasts tear them apart?



Running Wilde by Jenn Stark

Mistress of the House of Swords Sara Wilde finds herself the rising star of Interpol’s Most Wanted list–accused of acts of supernatural terrorism and psychic manipulation, a new category of offenses clearly created just for her. Unwilling to drag her friends into danger, Sara’s on the run, desperate to find solutions to the coming war on magic while keeping one step ahead of the authorities. Interpol isn’t Sara’s only problem, however…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE! 




Reveal Concepts

 A brand new client for Spark for 2018! Reveal Concepts is the brainchild of Sales & Marketing Professional Brian Kitzmiller, who offers more than twenty years of marketing, advertising, branding and agency experience to a diverse array of entrepreneurial B2B and B2C clients of Cincinnati. CHECK OUT THEIR AWESOME SITE HERE!


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