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Trevor Griffith and Liz Bemis met by chance in 2010 over the back of a chubby gray mare and reconnected years later finding unlikely levels of common ground in marketing and web design, food and DIY projects, hiking and backpacking, not to mention an undying love of bonfires. After discovering how well their professional skills dovetailed, they decided to join forces and Spark Creative Partners was born.

Liz Bemis founded Bemis Promotions in 2002 specializing in beautiful, functional, affordable websites and marketing for authors. She brings more than two decades of graphic design and programming experience to Spark Creative Partners.

Trevor Griffith made his mark in educational marketing and founded Griffith Creative Solutions as a sideline more than fifteen years ago.  He brings creative, out-of-the-box problem solving and twenty-plus years of graphic and web design experience to Spark Creative Partners.


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What We Do

Spark Creative Partners is a marketing and advertising agency specializing in websites, social media, graphic design, and advertising for authors, artists, musicians and bands, and small businesses and non-profit organizations.  They especially like getting in on the ground floor and helping new authors, musicians, and small businesses set a firm foundation on which to begin their careers!

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