Are you a stand-up kind of author? (I’m not)

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This amazing treadmill desk can be YOURS for a mere $1299!

So, I tried.

It’s important for me to put that out there.

I tried the whole stand up desk thing. I got a ledge. I put a laptop on it. Following a video online, I built an entire apparatus for my treadmill to allow me to type and read WHILE WALKING, which had the added benefit of allowing me to buy some very cool tools at Lowes, including things like a vise and a hack saw (I already had a drill, because, obvs you need to have a drill in this world). 

But while I felt super virtuous whilst walking on said treadmill and utilizing my desk, and whilst standing at my standing desk, I did not feel productive.

Part of that is me. I tend to look at movement as having a purpose. If I’m walking, I’m either seeing lovely things or I am burning calories. Otherwise, why walk?

If I’m working, I am cranking out word count or editing with as much focus as I can possibly throw at my laptop. When I’m not sitting, there is not much cranking or focus going on.

Part of that is my is my workmanship. I did not assemble items that were ideally suited to my personal preferences or ergonomic happiness. My temporary ledge-like apparatus is too small for me to set out a lot of books and papers… and my treadmill desk was affixed on bars that are too low for me to look at my laptop without feeling a slight strain in my neck.

In doing a little more research on the ‘net, I am seeing examples of more elaborate standing desks that address my concerns – ledges large enough to comfortably support a reclining NBA player, treadmill desks that do away with the entire console and replace it with a multi-tiered hutch, allowing one’s head to remain in a perfect neutral position. Both of these look enticing, and if there’s one thing that I like to do in this world, it’s spending money on office-related stuff.

However, for the short term, I don’t have that kind of money or that kind of time. So here’s my strategy for managing without a walking/standing desk:

1. Stand up and move around between 1k sprints (or at least once an hour).

According to Runner’s World, sitting at a desk for long periods of time is the absolute worst thing a runner can do. It’s harder on the body than eating badly or drinking too much. However, their prescription to stave off this atrocity? Standing up and moving around up to three minutes, once an hour. THREE. MINUTES. This, my friend, I can do. And if I time it to happen between sprints, I have a shot at remembering to do it.

2. Pushing lots of water/non-caloric fluids

Not only is this great for the system, pushing a lot of water helps keep you alert. And, extra bonus, the more you drink, the more likely you will need to get up from your desk and powder your, um, nose on a regular basis. So bring on the water (I try for 80-120 ozs. a day). 

3. When I do work out, make it count

Writing is hard work, but when you tackle it with focus, it pays off more quickly. Ditto with working out. The time I can devote to improving my health is precious, and so I have been working on determining what seems to make the biggest difference for my middle-aged self. Everyone is different!

But despite all of the above, I feel kind of guilty not being a stand-up kinda girl. Oh, well. I just will work harder at doing what works for me.


What about you? Love your stand-up desk or ready to walk out on your walking desk? We want to know!

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