Five by Five: How to elevate your confidence to reach your goals

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PSMSgoalablesConfidence is a tricky thing. You need it to achieve your most important goals, but sometimes you can’t drum up that shot of internal fortitude. In the publishing world especially, it’s easy for your confidence to hit dangerously low levels. Some days, it can all seem like too much to handle… 

But you can do it! 

And here’s one way how. 

I’ve run across the concept of creating a “mental movie” a few times in the past several years. The idea is you create a script in your mind accompanied by positive imagery, and then repeat that script over and over again, almost like a meditation, on a daily basis if not more frequently. But while that’s GREAT information, how do you know what you should include in your mental movie? Where do you even begin?

The best “script” I’ve found actually came from the diet book “Belly Fat Free”, by Josh Bezoni. His suggestion? Create your mental movie by focusing on 5×5: five key areas of your life, in which you’ll find five elements to bolster your confidence and put you on the path toward success.  

How would you answer these five questions?

1. What are you grateful for right now?

This one might be a little bit of a challenge if you’re feeling down, but work at it. List five things that right now you appreciate about your life. It could be your family, your new book, a good night’s sleep, the morning’s first cup of coffee — anything that makes you pause and feel a sense of gratitude welling up. 

2. What do you admire most about yourself?

This one can be hard for authors, but once again, dig deep. You could be grateful for your grit, your tenacity, your creative problem solving skills, your generous nature. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back and list five items that really make you feel good about yourself! 

3.  What are your biggest achievements so far in life?

Go back as far as you need to, but be sure to include some recent accomplishments, too. These could include selling a book, winning an award, getting a scholarship, self-publishing your first book, you name it. But you have to list five! 

4. Imagine yourself three months from now. What five things must occur within the next three months for you to feel successful?

These will be different for every person, of course. For one author, it could be achieving a healthy balance between work, family, and writing. For another it could be writing a book in 60 days. For still someone else, it could be losing twenty pounds. What’s important enough to you that it makes your “top five” of things you must experience within the next three months, to feel like you’ve hit your goals?

5.  What five habits will you need to reach your goals?

Deceptively simple, this one is easy to forget… but don’t be fooled. Reiterating the five habits you need to cultivate is a crucial reminder for you to act on your goals. Your habits could include writing first thing in the morning, getting a full night’s rest, eating well, exercising, or connecting with loved ones. Take a look at your goals (the destination) and think of what tools or behaviors will help you get there. 


Now that you have your answers to these 5×5 questions, you’ve got the basis for your mental movie! Start slow with a feeling of sincere gratitude for all that is good in your life (and list five of those things out loud), then list five things you most admire about yourself. Spend another minute saying (out loud) your five biggest achievements so far. Only then, take a look at the future. Imagine your goals achieved – what are you wearing, what are you doing? Who are you with? List the five goals you sincerely want to achieve by the end of the next ninety days, and relish the image you have of yourself achieving all five of them. Finally, remind yourself of the critical habits you need to cultivate to ensure your success. Chances are, you know them by heart… but say them out loud. 

That’s it! Repeat this process every day, even if you barely have a second to breathe. Your confidence will get some much needed support, your step will be lighter, and you just might find yourself achieving your goals sooner than you expect!

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