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The Latest Books

The Second Lie, by Anna Richland

9781426899492_p0_v15_s260x420Stig has success in his sights when Christina walks into his auction preview, ready to ruin his plan. Experience tells Stig to cut and run; a thousand years of boredom compel him to flirt. And when deadly Vikings from Stig’s past crash the party, Christina and Stig are forced to cooperate in order to escape.

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Sweet Surprise, by Candis Terry

9780062351135_p0_v1_s260x420Fiona Wilder knows all about falling in lust. Love? That’s another story. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, the single mom and cupcake shop owner is focused on walking the straight and narrow. But trouble has a way of finding her. And this time it comes in the form of a smoking hot firefighter who knows all the delicious ways to ignite her bad girl fuse.

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Bringing Home the Bad Boy, by Jessica Lemmon

downloadCharlotte Harris knows she owes it to her best friend’s memory to help Evan and his son find their way again, but she can’t stop her traitorous heart from skipping a beat every time she looks into Evan’s mesmerizing eyes. Charlotte is determined to stay strictly in the Friend Zone-until a mind-blowing night knocks that plan by the wayside.

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The Promise of Palm Grove, by Shelley Shepard Gray 

A young Amish woman finds herself torn between the man she’s pledged to wed and the man her heart desires in this heartwarming story of chance, duty, and choice in the face of love.

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Love Me Sweet, by Tracy Brogan


Delaney Masterson isn’t looking for fame. Yes, she has famous parents and a reality TV show, but she’s not the wild-child celebrity the paparazzi have painted her to be. Until…The Scandal.

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Caught in the Act, by Kim Law

9781477821220_p0_v1_s260x420Catherine Davenport Carlton needs a break. After dedicating her life to her political-minded family, shocking scandals from the past have shaken her to her core. Summer in the quiet town of Dyersport, Maine, is just what she needs, especially with a super-hot neighbor right next door…who’s none other than Brody Hollister, the boy she fell in love with as a teen.

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The Latest eNewsletters

Elley Arden

TN_0002_ElleyArdenElley is pleased to announce her eleventh book release, Running Interference, of which she has special prizes for bloggers reviews. She also announces the winners for her January monthly subscriber giveaway.   

Candis Terry

TN_0001_CandisTerryCandis excitedly announces Sweet Surprise, Texas book #4, also featuring an exclusive excerpt. She includes chances to enter giveaways and promos to win prizes. For a Valentine’s Day read she suggests Confessions of a Secret Admirer, of which she has a special story included. Upcoming events are featured for appearances.

Kim Law

TN_0000_KimLawKim has a new release out, Caught in the Act, which has been listed as one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Month. She includes an excerpt and early reviews. She encourages readers to check out her Facebook page and enter a special giveaway.

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fireandiceJoin Tracy Brogan, Kimberly Kincaid, Jennifer Probst and Catherine Bybee in a little fire and ice! One winner will be chosen each day from January 27-January 30 to receive a collection of these authors’ books. And one lucky winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

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