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Postscript Social MediaIf you’re ready to advertise on Facebook but nervous about getting started, rest easy. Facebook wants you to be a success as well (after all, then you’ll come back). While there is no official “wrong” way to do Facebook advertising (other than by violating Facebook’s advertising guidelines), it can seem overwhelming when you first begin looking around the Facebook Ad Manager or Power Editor. To help ensure you make the most of your campaign, start with these simple guidelines!

1. Know your objective

Facebook ads can be optimized in multiple ways, the most popular being “Cost Per Click” or “Cost Per Conversion”. Both have their values. Cost Per Click is the easiest to track – if someone clicks on your ad, boom. It worked. Cost Per Conversion tracks a user’s activity after the click. It’s a bit more complicated to set up and track, but it will net you more valuable data.  Hint: If you’re looking to gain newsletter subscribers, Cost Per Conversion is the way to go. If you’re looking to push people to Amazon or another retail buy-site, then Cost Per Click is probably the best optimization choice for you.

2. Know what you’re paying for

We’ve all heard stories of trolls clicking up “Pay Per Click” ads while never intending to buy. That’s not a concern with Facebook ads, as you’re not paying by the click, you’re paying by the number of impressions your ad is serving up, based on your optimization method. So that’s why you will never “run out” of your budget even if you get a lot of clicks.

3. Know your targets

Facebook’s ad manager and Power Editor in particular (the latter only usable with Google Chrome) makes your job as an ad developer much easier, giving you a wealth of options for creating target audiences. You can choose “Fans of” targets, “Lookalike” targets, Email list targets and general behavior-based targets, along with all of the more traditional demographic targeting filters.

4. Create high-engagement ads

Think about the ads you’d be most likely to click on while you’re surfing Facebook. What entices you as a reader? Free books? Sales? Great covers? Great blurbs? Great reviews? Create ads with eye-catching graphics and high-impact copy that even YOU would want to click.

5. Test, Test, Test

Don’t put all of your eggs in one advertising basket. Experiment with different targets, different graphics, and different ad copy to see what ads perform better. Experiment with higher budgets on those ads that are pulling well as well—but only once you’ve confirmed that they are solid performers.

6. Manage your spend

It may only take you five minutes a day, but take those five minutes to really see which of your ads are performing well, which are flat-lining, and which should be put out of their misery. Even if you’re only spending a few dollars a day per ad set, those dollars can add up quickly, so manage your campaign consistently for maximum impact.

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