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If you’re running up against a hard deadline and just need to get your book out the door, it is tempting to forget about what comes before or after the main body of your book. But the front matter and back matter of your newest release may do more to help your sales than you think!

Take a look at the books of some of your biggest comparative authors – in many cases you’ll see a creative use of space in the front and back matter, including links to the author’s own books, website and newsletter sign-up… but also promotions for other authors’ work. 

Why promote other authors?

It’s said that “a rising tide lifts all boats”, and never was that more true than in author cross promotion. If you have targeted authors whose books/themes are similar to yours, chances are their readers will also be your readers. By promoting those authors in the back of your books, you are doing your own readers a favor, and creating an author relationship that can pay dividends long term. 

How do you get started?

First, do your research. Once you’ve identified authors who are your key author peers, find out when their next releases are (or a very recent release). Then, contact those authors! This can seem like a daunting task, but you have nothing to lose by sending an email to suggest a cross promotion opportunity. As long as your work is professionally edited and packaged, and especially if you have begun to build a bit of a fan base, your outreach will generate results. If not for your first book… then for your second, third or fourth. 

Importantly: don’t feel like you need to have multiple authors in your back matter! Start in a focused way, featuring an author whose books you truly want to help promote, and build from there. 

What do you include?

Typically, author promotion includes a cover of the author’s upcoming release, a brief excerpt (no more than a chapter), and closing copy that includes a release date, author website, and buy links. 

Where does this information go?

The beauty of self publishing is: you get to decide! However, one option is this:

(Front Matter)


(Back Matter)

  • Author’s Note
  • Acknowledgments
  • Cross Promotion
  • Self Promotion (upcoming book!)
  • Other Books you’ve written
  • About the Author
  • Table of Contents

Again, there is nothing magical about this order. Experiment and use what feels right to you! But by including a cover and excerpt of another author – and being featured by that same author in their own books, you can help deepen the relationship with your own readers and with your author peers. 




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