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We have decades of experience helping creatives (new and established) sell their products. Let us help you put your best foot forward with our comprehensive package of services for artists. Ready to get started?

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Web Development

We believe that the most awe-inspiring and fantastic websites should not only be beautiful and fit your brand but should also be highly functional. Every site we design is unique, fully responsive on every device, easy to navigate and creates a lasting impression that leaves the visitor with the feeling you want to convey.

Web Hosting

Our Hosting packages include:

  • Unlimited server space
  • Site Analytics Reporting
  • Email
  • Monthly updates to site software (e.g, installing new Content Management System releases, new versions of site plugins and security patches)
  • A monthly spot-check of your site
  • We will fix any problems caused by host/server/database issues
  • We will fix any user-caused errors, random acts of God or computer gremlins
  • An annual review of your site/social media efforts (upon request).

Please note: To ensure airtight security and prompt updates, we do not maintain sites hosted on servers other than ours.

Web Maintenance

Are regular monthly, weekly, or daily updates taking too much of your time? Are you losing huge chunks of your workday to creating fresh content? For clients with ongoing needs, our maintenance package offers reliable support at a predictable, manageable cost. A maintenance package offers you the comfort of knowing your web presence will remain current and relevant while you reclaim precious time.  Select a week of the month dedicated to updates and we can send you a monthly reminder.

Our maintenance packages include:

  • Monthly reminders when it’s time to update
  • Monthly updates to your site (including content, basic menu/graphics changes related to content additions and more)
  • Yearly reviews of your site, promotional efforts, and social media strategy


In recent years there has been a shift in the way information is circulated on social media. Artists and businesses often relied on their messages going far and wide on Facebook and Twitter, yet now are finding out that due to changes in the way that Facebook and Twitter are delivering content, their message isn’t making its way into the right hands.  An eNewsletter is an ideal solution — and one you can control!

  • You control who receives it. You can track exactly where it is being read and by whom.
  • You control what content goes into it and how it will display.
  • You control when it will be distributed.
  • Most importantly: You get results. When you consider other forms of communication, it is hard to get ratings on how much of an impact you are making. With the digital distribution of newsletters you can get the results of how much is being accessed. This gives you a way to measure your success!

Now your fans can enjoy beautifully-formatted newsletters delivered via one of the most trusted in web-based communication today. Want to see some samples? Click on our eNewsletter Portfolio.

At Spark Creative, we’ll work with you to make sure your newsletter is exactly the way you want it to be, and you can have whatever level of control over your account you like.

We work to make sure that if you host your list with us as well, you’ll be paying less than you would if you hosted directly with Mailchimp.

Marketing Plans

Based on what you hope to accomplish with your marketing efforts, we will personally take you through the marketing planning process, to help you complete a re-usable template to guide you every step of the way.

As part of your Spark Creative service, you’ll receive an in-depth review of your current marketing activities, a template to complete for both an annual and campaign-based marketing plan, and guidance and recommendations on the best channels for your unique project.

The Spark Creative team has a combined 45+ years’ experience in marketing and communications, including work with artists in the areas of branding, marketing, social media and promotions.

Social Media Strategy

Whether you’ve just started selling your art, or you’re a well-known artist, having a clear, focused understanding of your social media presence is vital to your success. Now you can.

Preparing to launch a new show? About to unleash a major promotion? Get the reporting and analysis you need to make actionable decisions.

Social Media is more than just staggering out onto Twitter every few weeks and posting on a Fan page you’re convinced no one will see. It’s about figuring who you are and how you want to connect with your fans. Then, once you do that, it’s about crafting a plan to help you keep on top of your engagement strategy, leveraging timely analysis so that your social media efforts actually work FOR you, not against you.

Using some of the best tools available in the industry, the Spark Creative team will work one on one with you to identify your unique social media strategy, analyze where your presence is currently, and identify key targets and milestones for your next launch or media campaign.

Your Social Media Strategy can include:

  • Full author questionnaire, analysis and review
  • Detailed Social Media Action Plan, with measures and milestones
  • Schedules to help you execute your plan (re-usable template)


(Details coming soon)

Facebook Ad Development

Facebook advertising used to be a simple idea. You created an fan page, drew fans, and then kept them in the loop about all of your upcoming events, promotions, and sales. Then Facebook changed the rules. And changed them again.

Now Facebook is an entirely different animal. It’s still a place where you can reach an unprecedented number of fans. You just have to reach them in a new and different way: through paid advertising.

Spark Creative offers Facebook Ad Development assistance to artists looking to tap into this exciting advertising venue. Our in-house expert will review your ad copy and concept, offer suggestions based on experience and high-end training, and help you make sure your Facebook ad budget generates the results you want.

Depending on your needs, Spark Creative offers the following levels of ad development:

  • Copy/Design only
  • Copy/Design + Facebook targeting strategy
  • Full management of your campaign – Copy/Design, strategy, and daily campaign management

Managing Facebook advertising campaigns takes time, focus and expertise, and Spark Creative’s team has experience with what works (and what doesn’t). Don’t spend fruitless days wondering if your Lookalike campaign is worth continuing—or if you should be trying an ad specifically for iOS users. Save time and headache by working with a team who’s dedicated to your success!

Print Collateral & Graphic Design

Although online channels have increased the reach and available volume of communication opportunities, the need for print has not gone away. In fact, your print materials may be even more important now.

Professional printed collateral such as brochures, postcards, newsletters, posters, and identity packages (letterhead, business cards and envelopes) provide long-term impact to your  prospective clients. Your identity package is a representation of your business and a good brand establishes visibility, credibility, and trust. A professional brand makes you memorable and will take your business a long way.

At Spark Creative Partners, we recommend well-crafted printed materials to work with your website design and other online efforts to help you stand above your competition. These pieces deliver a multifaceted message to your targeted audience. Printed collateral often lend to referencing back to your website or online profiles for more information.

Common design projects

  • annual reports
  • brochures
  • bookmarks
  • rack cards
  • case studies
  • direct mail, postcards
  • holiday or event cards
  • information graphics
  • logo creation
  • newsletters/publications
  • posters
  • signage
  • stationery/letterhead/envelopes

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