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“Does anyone have any questions for my answers?
– former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

postscriptblogmedThe benefit of establishing a powerful Personal Brand for your Writing goes beyond helping you direct your promotional materials and writing choices. It also can help guide your every conversation, including those with the media.

The important thing to remember about working with the media is that you and your message should remain consistent, interview after interview. This is true of whether you’re talking to the community press or The New York Times, whether you’re promoting your first book or your fiftieth. Editorial coverage is the cheapest and most powerful advertising you can get—and your Personal Brand can help you prepare for optimal media coverage. Here’s how:

1. Use your Personal Brand in a hook the media cares about

The media have two goals. A) to make money for their website, station or publication, and B) to solve a problem for their audience. If you write romance, you’re an entertainer—that’ s a built-in hook, but it could help or hurt you depending on the venue. So you need to go deeper. If your stories speak about heroines overcoming abuse or harassment, then your media pitch should discuss how you bring a new voice of advocacy to this important topic. If your work instead is intended to entertain as pure escapist fantasy because, hey, you’re all about de-stressing people, then “cutting stress” is your hook. Whatever your hook is, tie it to your Personal Brand to ensure you can discuss your topic with passion.

2. Back up your hook with credible support

Presenting yourself as a go-to person on a topic important to you will only work if you have the credible support to back it up. Assemble research that supports your angle, gather anecdotal reader comments that add color to your claims, or simply use the success of your sales as an indication of public support, but be clear on what you have to offer to the media in your pitch materials or media kit. If your hook reflects your Personal Brand, you’ll either already have this information or be excited to research it.

3. Solicit the interviews you want – consistently

Create awareness with reporters by contacting the media with branded pitch materials, establishing yourself as an expert on topics that will help their audience. The easier you can make a reporter’s life with a well-supported pitch that presents you as this type of expert, the more likely they will be to want to work with you. And the more you get in front of the media consistently touting a message that’s important to you, the stronger your Personal Brand will become.


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