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who-am-i-blackboardImagine you’re at a cocktail party. A nice person walks up, smiles, and introduces herself. Then she asks “what do you do?”

How would you answer that question?

  • Are you an author who’s also a soccer-loving mom and a day jobber (for now!)?
  • Are you a corporate professional who writes books and plays soccer when you’re not being a mom?
  • Are you a mom who works by day, writes novels by night, and plays soccer when you can?

It makes a difference, doesn’t it?

Words are important, and how you define yourself generally leads to how you act, day-to-day.

For the past three weeks, in the run-up to launching Postscript Media Services, I’ve also been preparing for a new book launch and writing another book, and so, of course, this is when I decided I should really lose some weight. 

Setting aside the ridiculousness of the above sentence, for the first two of those three weeks, losing weight was a key focus. I was a FITNESS-FOCUSED AUTHOR / FREELANCER. I’d get up, work out, and then start my day’s work. No problem. 

Only, it was. While I was holding steady with the work that *had* to be completed, I wasn’t getting to the book I needed to write, and as the days went by and the word count wasn’t happening, I started to stress out. Since stressing out wasn’t helping me produce,  last Monday I decided “screw this, I need to crash draft.” And I did. I wrote 35k in one week.

As far as exercise, however, I was functionally inert. 

Why? Because I became a PRODUCTIVE AUTHOR / FREELANCER WHO (worked out when she could). And “working out when she could” wasn’t happening, because it wasn’t coming first. 

I see friends who try to manage this balance all the time — between being a mom, a wife, a manager, a volunteer, a coach, a fitness nut, and, oh yeah, a writer. It’s not easy to admit, but when time is a finite commodity, you DO have to make choices. You have to decide what is really important to you on every single day, and then do that thing. 

Fortunately, these choices are as fluid as you are. So while last week I got no discernible movement in, this week, I’m moving “activity” up a few notches on the priority scale. Writing is still up there. And the day-work too. What’s falling to the side? Well, let’s just say I’m never going to put DOMESTIC GODDESS in my description. 

So while FIT AUTHOR makes me stressed, because yo, deadlines… PRODUCTIVE, FIT AUTHOR is something that feels better. The writing comes first, still, in terms of priority… but “fit” is up there too.

What about you? Consider how you describe yourself — and if it isn’t in alignment with your long-term goals and dreams. Consider making a change. 


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